Green your Tech, green the Planet

Immediate Impact
Within two years you can save
> 25% on your Footprint*
> 15% on your IT Budget

+ Improve user experience and customer satisfaction.

*On 16 environmental indicators including GHG Emissions.

How it works

Environmental Tools

Leverage the best tools in class to measure and report on your footprint in compliance with ISO 14 040/44 & PEF 3.0.

Take advantage of the largest benchmark database available on the market, built from:

  • over 150 real world Information Systems,
  • 1 million+ devices,
  • and 500,000+ users


Understand the full environmental impact of your Information System.

This covers GHG emissions but also key resources like water and raw materials based on best available life cycle data from Europe.



Get clarity on the improvements available.

Get a report and a set of recommendations, enabling you to track your organization's progress through its sustainability journey.



Benefit from day one, and build your Green IT expertise for the long run.

Our Experts will support you in your responsible digital transition for the construction, development and monitoring of your Green IT action plans.

They trust our solution:

New Zealand
Hawke's Bay Regional Council is a customer of BetterBytes
L'occitane is a customer of Resilio
LVMH is a customer of Resilio
Ville de Lausanne is a customer of Resilio
Working with the bests

At BetterBytes, we have developed an important partnership with Resilio, a world leader in Green IT consulting and solutions in Europe.
This enables us to provide the tools and services you need, based on the latest regulations and certifications.

Like us, InHouse Marketing & Sustainability is committed to a purpose-driven approach. Embracing the intersection of marketing and sustainability is not just visionary but essential, because marketing agencies wield tremendous influence in shaping responsible consumer communities, steering brands toward a sustainable future.